Thinking About Almodovar’s “I’m so Excited”: A Satire for Today’s Spain

almodovar I am so excited

1) Comment on how the title sequence of the film could be preparing the audience for the story to unfold. 2) What is the significance of the very early sequence in the film where we see three airport officers (grounds staff members)? What clues regarding the film might Almodovar be providing us with?
3) How do you think Almodovar’s camera depicts the plane in the opening scenes? Would you consider there to be some degree of sexualization of the plane? Why? Why not?
4) What could the plane flying around in circles metaphorically signify?
5) What could be the significance of the plane’s name: “Chavela Blanca”?
6) Comment on how the econonomy class passengers function in Almodovar’s film.
7) Please consider each passenger in the business class. How does each of them contribute to Almodovar’s story? What is their function in the film?
8) Comment on what messages Almodovar could be giving through the depictions of the three gay stewards and the two pilots?
9) What could be the significance of the cocktail called “Valencian Water” that the stewards serve? How does it “help” the director and the audience? Any political, social, cultural implications/messages?
10) In light of the answers to the questions above, discuss to what extent how Almodovar’s “I’m so excited” can be regarded as a metaphor for today’s Spain.

© Ali Nihat Eken, İstanbul, December 2013 - Photo credit: Miramax