Turkish Author Sait Faik

“The city is so huge, and everyone’s a stranger. Why do they even make these cities to pack in this many people, when people don’t like each other anymore?” Sait Faik Abasıyanık (1906-1954), A Useless Man (Translated by Maureen Freely and Alexander Dawe, Archipelago Books) Photo location: Çukurcuma Istanbul January 2015


The Forest Listens

The forest listens and understands, I say. It doesn’t destroy; it restores and allows things to grow. The forest appreciates and accommodates everything... Erlend Loe’s Doppler Photo: Birmingham's Cannon Hill Park, England

Sunday Book Club (1): Haruki Murakami’s ‘The Mirror’

Thanks for reading Murakami’s short story “The Mirror” and joining the Sunday Book Club. Please feel free to write your comments about the story… about anything that the story has encouraged you to think about. I believe sharing the joy of reading and making comments here will make it possible for us to approach Murakami’s …

Sunday Book Club

Dear bloggers, friends, colleagues, students, runners... I’d like to invite you to an online book reading club on Sunday. We will start with a six-page short story by Haruki #Murakami: “The Mirror”. On Sunday morning I will post on Instagram and invite you to post your comments on Murakami’s short story. I believe that we …

The Berlin Wall

#BerlinWall #History November 9 1989 Opening of the Berlin Wall. “Long a symbol of the Cold War, the Berlin Wall, erected in 1961 and eventually extending 28 miles (45 km) to divide the western and eastern sectors of Berlin, was opened by the East German government on this day in 1989.” (Britannica) The #BerlinWall in …

Saturday Walk

Saturday afternoon walk. My playlist included songs about autumn: Autumn leaves (Eric Clapton), Autumn Serenade (John Coltrane), Autumn in New York (Ella Fitzgerald), Autumn Song (Agnes Obel), Leaves that are green (Simon & Garfunkel), September in the rain (Rod Stewart), September Song (Frank Sinatra), Septembre (Barbara/Tharaud), The Autumn Stone (Small Faces), Istanbul’da Sonbahar (Teoman)

Indian Summer

"PastırmaYazı" in Turkish... IndianSummer “Indian summer, period of dry, unseasonably warm weather in late October or November in the central and eastern United States. The term originated in New England and probably arose from the Indians’ practice of gathering winter stores at this time. This autumn warm period also occurs in Europe, where in Britain …