Worksheet for Gauntlett’s Some Background Debates

The worksheet for the second chapter in David Gauntlett’s book is available here. – only for pp.19 – 28.

About David Gauntlett’s Media, Gender and Identity

[As written on the back cover of the book] Media, Gender and Identity is an accessible introduction to the relationship between media and gender identities today. It includes an assessment of the different ways in which gender and identity have previously been studied, and provides new approaches for thinking about the media’s influence on gender and sexuality.

David Gauntlett explores the gender landscape of contemporary media and draws on recent theories of identity negotiation to understand the place of popular media in people’s lives. Discussing a range of examples from films such as Charlie’s Angels, What Women Want, and Tomb Raider, men’s and women’s magazines from FHM and Maxim to Cosmopolitan and Glamour, primetime television programmes, and pop music, Media, Gender and Identity shows how the media are used in the shaping of self-identities.