Discussion Questions for “A Way of Life” (Amma Asante, 2004)

Discussion Questions for “A Way of Life” (Amma Asante, 2004)

  1. Many film critics regard “A Way of Life” as a film in the “social realist” mode. Find out the characteristics of films made in this mode, and discuss to what extent Asante’s film should be considered a film of the social realist mode.
  2. Why do you think Asante preferred to have a flashback at the very beginning of the film?
  3. How does Asante represent her protagonists? What is your reaction to the protagonists in the film? Do you blame them or do you sympathize with them? Discuss why/why not.
  4. What does the Hassan character represent in the film?
  5. What does the word “Paki” connote in the film?
  6. According to the film what factors have brought about racism? What other factors could have been mentioned in the film?
  7. Discuss the following: “Asante’s protagonists appear to be using racism as a means.”
  8. Comment on the ending of this film. What could it suggest?

© Ali Nihat Eken, Istanbul, May 2008


2 Thoughts

  1. Hello,

    Could anyone tell me something more about the soundtrack of the film “A way of life”? I saw the film on tv, was touched by it, and also liked the music. But at the end I couldn’t read the information about music and songs and I can’t find any information on the internet about the songs, released on which cd? etc…

  2. Hi Gerty…
    David Gray is the composer of the original music for “A Way of Life”….
    “From here you can almost see the sea.”
    I hope this helps
    Ali Nihat Eken Blog

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