The Turkish Village of Sirince

The Turkish Village of Sirince

You might have heard of the Turkish village of “Şirince”. It is the village that turned into a hotspot when believers of the Mayan calendar flooded into the area on December 21 (2012), which was believed to be the doomsday.


People thought they would be safe in Şirince because this village, they believed, had a positive energy: it is located close to Ephesus, the place where Virgin Mary is believed to have ascended to heaven (Ref: Mayan apocalypse, The Telegraph Dec 2012). The Mayan apocalypse did not turn out to be true. However, Şirince’s reputation has certainly grown since then.

IMG_2015I, my wife and our 11-year-old son visited Şirince on August 3, 2014… It was an hour’s drive from İzmir. A long curving road surrounded with amazing natural beauties took us to Şirince. The wonderful view on top of the hills was priceless. So atmospheric, so idyllic.… simply out of this world. It was definitely a unique village with its own unique spirit.

The small village was packed with tourists like us impatient to discover Şirince. It was therefore not very easy to find a parking space.

Discovering the village full of 19th century Ottoman houses and cottages was a true treat. We walked along the streets, we got into small local shops, we talked to people at the outdoor markets, we bought souvenirs, embroidery, scarves for ourselves and friends. Wherever we went in Şirince, the presence of Şirince women were visible: neat and tidy stalls ready for tourists, souvenirs, home-made fresh food, delicious greens….


After a tour of the village, we certainly got hungry. We found a traditional restaurant on a hilltop. Luxury was not to be expected, of course… However, we were sure of one thing: The food would be amazing. And it was. It was so fresh… so tasty. After lunch, we continued our tour. We’d heard that Şirince’s home-made wines are famous. And we had to taste them. The fruit wines we tried were excellent.

Let me stop writing here… as I believe all these photographs can better reflect what Şirince really is.















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