Almodovar’s Volver: Study Questions

What does the film title mean and why do you think the director might have chosen it? Discuss its significance by referring to the events, the themes and the characters in the film.

What could be the significance of the cemetery sequence at the beginning of the film? How might the director be introducing us to the film themes through this sequence? Why do you think the cemetery is depicted as an all-female space?

What is the significance of the fictional village of Alcanfor de las Infantas in the film? How does the film present the village and Madrid? What messages might Almodovar be conveying through these two locations?

Discuss the importance of “wind” and “windmills” in the film?

What might hair dying signify in the film?

What is the significance of Raimunda’s singing in the film?

Comment on Almodovar’s portrayal of Paco. How does it help us understand Almodovar’s treatment of familial space in the film? How about other paternal figures in the film? What sort of familial space does Almodovar create and what messages might he be conveying through his portrayals?

Discuss the portrayals of men and women in the film in general.

Why do you think Almodovar has used red colour dominantly in his film?

At the 2006 Cannes Film Festival, Almodovar’s film won the Best Actress Award, which was shared by six main actresses in the film. How would you comment on this?

Useful reading: The Shadow of a Dictator 


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