Cannon Hill Park

C681F19E-F801-4159-8102-A847E7F76CDBMy Favourite Spots: Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, England

“Cannon Hill Park was donated to the citizens of Birmingham by Miss Louisa Ryland expressing her wish that the Park would prove a source of healthful recreation to the people of Birmingham, and that they would aid in the protection and preservation of what is now their property.

The park was designed by Mr. T J Gibson, who also designed Battersea Park in London. It was opened to visitors in 1873 and is made up of 80 acres of formal parkland and 120 acres of conservation and woodland plantation. A Grade 2 listed Bandstand forms part of the original park layout set in a natural amphitheatre.

Cannon Hill Park has successfully achieved Green Flag status for the past ten years. The Green Flag award scheme recognises and rewards the best green spaces in the country.”

Information/Source: Birmingham City Council




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