Travel Notes Salzburg: Musikhaus Katholnigg

Since 1847, Salzburg’s largest ‘Palais’ ordered by Prince-Archbishop Matthäus Lang in 1544 has housed a very special store for music lovers: Musichaus Katholnigg. Initially the company built pianos. At the turn of the century gramophones and shellac recordings were introduced to the portfolio, and replaced in the 1920s by newer materials.

At present the focus is on CDs, DVDs and good old vinyl records, and the styles range from classics to sophisticated jazz sounds, chansons from many countries, real folk music, golden oldies, and there are lots of musical surprises in store.

Every year, during the summer festival, there are discussions with various artists followed by autograph sessions.

MUSIKHAUS KATHOLNIGG | Address: Astrid Rothauer, SigmundHanerGasse 16 5020 Salzburg

Photograph: Ali Nihat Eken, May 2016 Salzburg
Information: Salzburg Info



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