Travel Notes: Climb Up The Galata Tower and Enjoy the 360-Degree Views of Istanbul

The medieval Galata Tower is one of the most prominent landmarks in Istanbul. Built in 1348, it offers visitors wonderful bird’s eye views of the city. Turkish filmmaker Mustafa Altıoklar calls the Galata Tower “a witness to the city of Istanbul” (Divan İstanbul). The tower marks the entertainment quarters of Karaköy, Galata and Beyoğlu.


The tower was used for many diferent purposes in the past. It housed prisoners of war, It became on observatory, It was also a lookout post for fires that broke out at a time when most of the houses in İstanbul were wooden. (TimeOut Istanbul)

It was from the Galata Tower that Hezarfen Ahmed Çelebi flew across the Bosphorus from europe to Asia in 1638, thus inaugrating the first ever interconitnetal flight (The Guardian, Pat Yale, 10 of the Best Sights in Istanbul)


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