The Long Run: Running through the lens of gender

IMG_8607.PNGHere’s a new book I’ve just started reading: “The Long Run” by Australian author Catriona Menzies-Pike. It’s a memoir. What makes this memoir appealing to me is not only its running-related theme but also the author’s approach: Menzies-Pike looks at people running through the lens of gender.

In the book the authour draws on her own journey from grieving daughter (her parents died in a plane crash) to confident racer. While the author tries to understand herself through this journey, she explores the hidden history of women as runners. It is not only “a history of repression and denial—running was thought to endanger childbearing, and as late as 1967 the organizer of the Boston Marathon tried to drag a woman off the course, telling her to “get the hell out of my race”—but also a history of incredible courage and achievement.” And eventually the author “comes to the heart of why she’s running, and why any of us do.” (quotes from the publisher’s notes).


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