Running in Denmark

“LøbeMagasinet” is a monthly magazine for runners in Denmark. The July 2017 issue is the 96th issue of “LøbeMagasinet”. When I flipped through the magazine, I found out that there will be a running festival soon in #Copenhagen for all who love running: “Copenhagen Running Festival August 3-27 2017”. Throughout August 2017, there will be many races, workshops and training activities for runners of all levels. Sounds great, doesn’t it? 🏃🏻

From the festival website: Facts about #running in #Denmark: 1) 29 percent of the Danish population use running as a form of exercise, which means that there are over 1.6 million Danish runners in total (source: IDAN – The Danish Institute for Sports Studies). 2) More than 1.300 races (motionsløb) were organized last year across the country, which amounts into 3 races per day. Each race has an average of 90 participants. 3) Around 650,000 Danes stood on the start line for a race last year. 4) The most popular types of races are still the traditional runs, but Trail Running, Obstacle Races and Fun Runs are also gaining popularity among the Danes. #garmin #running #instarunners #skyrunnersclubtr #nike #nikeplus #LøbeMagasinet #Løb


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